Terry 2nd place winner


From a pair of swans dancing on a shimmering lake to an osprey guarding its young one, I’ve always been inspired by nature. I envision wildlife and seascapes in either
luminous watercolors or vibrant acrylics.


For 5 years, I participated in the international juried show, The Florida Wildlife & Western Art Expo in Orlando and Lakeland, FL. My patrons range from the

General Electric Corporation, the acclaimed pianists Ferrante & Teicher and to many wonderful patrons, who just love art as much as I do.


Please visit my gallery in Towles Court,1938 Adams Lane, Suite 206, Sarasota, Florida. or call 941-350-0747.

  Won 2nd place in the juried show Eye-4-Art
  in the “experienced” category in Sarasota, FL 


I feel very honored that Edgar Degas, the famous French painter, is part of my heritage. His masterpieces portrayed an impressionistic view of the ballet, opera and subjects involved in ordinary activities.

(Degas is my great, great, grand uncle. My father's grandfather was Degas' nephew.)

(Please visit for more information on our family history.)

After graduating from the Ringling College of Art & Design, I launched Infinity Designs, a high-end graphic design firm with clients in Florida and the Bahamas.

(Please visit or call 941-373-9797)


When not painting, I'm fishing with my Lady Angler team or participated in the Gumball 3000 Rally.

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